CE/NR - Digital and Field Technologies for Coastal Environmental Studies

How fast can a shoreline change?

     Shoreline residents have identified shoreline and bluff erosion as a critical problem along some parts of the Great Lakes. The rate of shore erosion is affected by the kind of land and rock materials, shoreline shape, current patterns, storm directions, and the use of shore protection structures.

     In this study, ArcView is used to compare the shoreline shape in five aerial photographs of Painesville (Ohio) Township Park from 1954-1999. The objectives are to

  1. Recognize shoreline features on aerial photographs.
  2. Visualize changes in a shoreline over time.
  3. Observe the effects of shoreline devices on rates of erosion.

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Module 1
Introduction to GPS/GIS
Module 2
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Module 3
Converting Landsat-7 Thermal Band Data to Temperature
Module 4
Fisheries and Global Climate Change
Module 5
How fast can a shoreline change?
Module 6
Digital and Field Techniques